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A Gaelic Blessing (SATB/SSAA/TTBB div. unaccompanied) - c. 3'

Rest (SATB minimal div. with string orchestra, piano, and timpani) - c. 5'

i am wont to stumble (SATB div. with piano) - c. 4'50"

Verbum Caro Factum Est (SATB unaccompanied) c. 4'30"

Lord, now lettest thy servant go in peace (SATB unaccompanied) - c. 3'

Set me as a seal (SATB unaccompanied) - c. 3'

Even when He is silent (2-part optional div. with piano) - c. 4'

The Lord Bless You and Keep You (SATB with piano) - c. 3'20"

O Love that Will Not Let Me Go (SATB with piano) - c. 3'

Solo Voice/Vocal Duet


Songs of Artful Resistance (medium voice and piano) - c. 11'

          I. Keep Watch, Dear Lord

          II. Surely the Darkness

          Recitative: "And He said unto me..."

          III. Give Peace

To music, to becalm his fever (high voice and bassoon) - c. 8'50"

A god in wrath (medium or high voice and piano) - c. 5'

Will there really be a "morning?" (medium voice and piano) - c. 2'20"

The bravest thing, from brave enough for me, (mezzo-soprano and piano, opt. string quartet) - c. 5'10"

My Story, from brave enough for me, (mezzo-soprano and piano) - c. 4'30"

I'll Be There, from brave enough for me, (tenor and piano) - c. 4'

Sunrise/Always an Advocate, from brave enough for me, (mezzo-soprano, piano, guitar, cello) - c. 8'30"

At the end of the day, from brave enough for me, (mezzo-soprano, tenor, and piano) - c. 4'


String quartet no. 1 - mood swings - c. 6'

Hope (piano solo) c. 5'

evolution no. 1 (two pianos) - c. 5'40"

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